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Definition of the Royal Oasis :Top selling Brand

Our brand is the first Saudi product be exported and carries the mark of the Saudi Committee for Accreditation and licensed by the Ministry Of Agriculture with quality certificates.

The Dates :Top selling item

What make us special , our luxury and high quality dates from our private farm in Saudi Arabia and it’s exclusive production of the year
100% Organic , No chemical added.
Hand picked and packed our meticulous quality control procedure mean that you can be confident that your purchase will live up to expectation and be of highest quality.
we only use premium quality , first-class Saudian Dates. We never over stock , we are making sure that our customers having fresh dates each year .
Special gift or treat – a great and far from boring gift to bring along to your dinner party invitation and for IFTAR TIME.
100% satisfaction guaranteed or return product for full Refund .

Pick your favourte of our organic KSA home grown plain dates carefully put together in our nice package and delivered to your doorstep.

The Coffee :Top selling item

With Aramco’s Coffee Initiative ,
we want to announce that we are the buyers of the best coffee and factory owners in Saudi Arabia and exclusive importers.
are proud to offer a large selection of coffee, available for you to purchase online. We process our wholesale coffee beans in Jazan in Saudi Arabia , roasted to order in our roastery and sealed to protect their fresh and distinct flavour. We use traditional coffee drum roasters along side a hi-tech computer system to produce reliable and consistent batches that never lack aroma or taste

The Sweets & Nuts :Top selling item


Various dates with nuts and some distinctive additions are our specialty.& can be provided for parties, events and conferences, as well as healthy and beautiful gifts.