About us :
We started our company with a partnership with Aloula specialised investment ltd in Jeddah with a vow insisting that we would only sell the best quality and luxury dates.
And let the people from out of Saudi Arabia knows what is the quality dates test .
We promise you our dates it’s exactly as in Saudi Arabia, we work clearly and directly we all know that the dates in the uk came from many different places and they are not from Saudi Arabia directly .

We own a farme in Saudi Arabia to source the most delicious dates we can offer . we also have a factory in Jeddah to packaging our products under our company directory .

in the UK we offering to our lovely customers to get the most qualities and luxurious dates in the UK , we providing a certificate for all the dates types and we grantee that you will try a different dates ever which will be delivered onto your doorsteps .

The Royal Oasis will not stop here, we will extend our effort and adding a new products in the future from Saudi Arabia and this come to support our vision 2030 which boost exports .